Sensational Christian 4 1⁄2-hour private shore trip to Corinth

Start in the morning from the cruise ship pier. Our driver will wait to pick you up with a sign and your name on it. This private half-day Christian shore excursion to Corinth Canal and Ancient Corinth is a well-appointed biblical tour in Greece, that gives you the chance to visit one of the most important cities located relatively close to Athens.

This private tour lasts approximately 4 1⁄2 hours and will allow you to spend some time in one of the most unique sites in Greece, which combines the beauty of the scenery with its historical importance for Christianity and Ancient Greece.

Itinerary of our Christian shore excursion to Corinth and the Corinth Canal

Athens – Corinth Canal – Ancient Corinth – the Temple of Apollo  – Acrocorinth – Ishtmia (the sub bridge) – Archaeological Museum of Corinth

Highlights of the Sensational Christian 4 1⁄2-hour private shore trip to Corinth

  • A 4 1⁄2 approx hours private tour to Corinth with a professional English-speaking driver
  • The sites where St Paul preached the word of God in South Greece
  • The Ancient Corinth
  • The famous Corinth Canal

Description of the half-day 4 1⁄2-hour Christian tour to Corinth Canal and Ancient Corinth

corinth canal
Corinth Canal

Corinth canal

Your Sensational Christian 4 1⁄2-hour private shore trip to Corinth to Corinth starts from Athens early in the morning. Your professional driver will drive you along the scenic coastal road that leads to the Corinth Canal and Corinth.

After an hour’s drive, you will reach the famous Isthmus, one of the most significant strategic locations in Greece and the Mediterranean, because it connects the mainland of Greece with the Peloponnese Peninsula.

The Isthmus is 6,5 km wide and the Corinth Canal is constructed at the narrow point of the Isthmus. This place offers you the chance to take some pictures of the truly breathtaking views, before continuing to Ancient Corinth.

Sensational Christian 4 1⁄2-hour private shore trip to Corinth
Sensational Christian 4 1⁄2-hour private shore trip to Corinth

Ancient Corinth

Ancient Corinth was a very important city-state in the ancient years. The main city was spreading below the imposing fortress of Acrocorinth, which offered a significant strategic position for the city because it allowed its people to control the bypassing ships trading goods between Italy and Greece.

Our Christian tour to Corinth will take you to the heart of the city where St Paul lived and preached for 2 years, teaching people the word of the new religion at the time.

Ancient Corinth is much associated with St Paul, who lived in Corinth close to Akillas and Priscilla, a Jewish couple living in the area. St Paul established a Christian church in Corinth.

After a 2 years’ stay in Corinth, Apostle Paul left for Ephesus (Acts 18:18) leaving behind him a great church, which would prove a difficult church with many problems because of the cultural surroundings. He wrote at least 3-4 letters trying to solve these problems and after nearly six years he visited Corinth during the third missionary journey and preached again in the area. St. Paul`s trial by Gallio took place in the agora (Acts 18:12-17). It is from Corinth, also, that St. Paul wrote to the Thessalonians.

Church of St Paul in Corinth
Church of St Paul in Corinth


After the visit to the ancient Corinth, you will visit the Fortress of Acrocorinth, which fortified the city in a solid and exemplary manner, allowing it to be a very strong and safe city.

You will also have the chance to take some amazing pictures of the sea and the land of Corinth.

You will also see the Cathedral of St Paul along with the pretty, new marina and the harbor of the city with numerous boats of all sizes.

Once we finish the tour to the castle, we will return to the village of Ancient Corinth, and visit the Archaeological Museum of Corinth with important findings and the impressive sculptures that are definitely worth your time.

Your private driver will then bring you back to Piraeus cruise port, where you will have time to enjoy your lunch.

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