Athens Acropolis and Nemea wine tour 8-hours

Embark on a unique journey with our private shore excursion in Athens and Nemea, tailored specifically for one-day visitors arriving via cruise ship at Athens (Piraeus). Delve into the perfect blend of ancient and modern culture, with the added bonus of a wine tasting tour showcasing the remarkable, award-winning wines of Nemea.

Our expert guides and drivers will lead you through this unforgettable experience, while our deluxe, top-of-the-line vehicles provide the utmost comfort and luxury. Discover the best of both worlds with this exclusive shore excursion. So, join us on an extraordinary voyage spanning centuries, all the way to the vibrant present with us!

Itinerary: The Acropolis – Parthenon – Erechthion – Temple of Zeus – Panathenean Stadium – Kolonaki – Lecabettus – Plaka – Parliament – Academy of Athens – University – National Library – Omonia – Karaiskaki Square – Magoula – Elefsina – Ag. Theodori – Kineta – Corinth Canal – Ancient Nemea – Wine Roads – Winery

Visit: The Acropolis – the Parthenon – Erechthion – Corinth Canal – Ancient Corinth – Nemea Wine Roads – Ancient Nemea Stadium – Winery

Highlights of the Athens Acropolis and Nemea wine tour 8-hours

  • 8 – hour morning private shore excursion of the Acropolis, Corinth canal, Nemea
  • Combines the Acropolis & Nemeas modern and classical sites guided by our experts
  • Explore the wonders of the Acropolis, the trademark of Athens & the finest in wine country
  • Highlights of the Acropolis, Greek wines, Nemea wine roads, wineries, wine tasting, Corinth canal
  • English-speaking guide/driver
  • Pickup and drop off at your cruise ship pier

Description of the Acropolis with a wine Tour of Nemea in 8 hours full of flavor

Athens Acropolis and Nemea wine tour 8-hours , Erechtheion in Athens
Athens Acropolis and Nemea wine tour 8-hours , Erechtheion in Athens


Experience the convenience and luxury of our services as our experienced driver awaits your arrival at your cruise ship pier. Upon pickup, you and your group will be escorted to your choice of a modern 4 seater, 10 seater, or 19 seater vehicle, perfectly suited for your group size. As we depart from the quayside, enjoy a 20-minute scenic drive through the charming suburbs of Athens. The highlight of your trip awaits as we arrive at the majestic Acropolis, towering over the city of Athens.

Step back in time as you witness the stunning architectural masterpieces of the Golden Age of Greece and the iconic symbol of Athens. Explore the intricately designed Propylaea (Entrance), visit the imposing Erectheum, and marvel at the remarkable Temple of Wingless Victory. And of course, no visit would be complete without experiencing the grandeur of the Parthenon, a true marvel and the focal point of Athens.

athena and poseidon fight for athensLegend has it that atop the majestic Erectheum or Erechtheion, a fierce competition transpired between the mighty Goddess Athena and the powerful God Poseidon. In hopes of being named Patron of the renowned city of Athens, Poseidon plunged his trident into the earth, causing a magnificent burst of water to spring forth.

Not to be outdone, Athena gracefully touched the ground with her spear, resulting in the growth of a magnificent olive tree. Ultimately, she emerged victorious and earned the prestigious title of city goddess. The stunning Erectheum also features the elegant Porch of the Caryatids, with stunning replica columns resembling majestic marble maidens gracefully supporting the temple’s roof.

As we embark on your private shore excursion, we will take you on a sightseeing journey through Athens, where you will experience the city’s iconic monuments as listed in the itinerary above.

Vineyards in Nemea
Vineyards in Nemea

As we depart from Athens, our journey will take us along the beautiful coastline, heading west towards the Corinth Canal. This striking landmark offers captivating views and we will make a brief stop for photos to capture its grandeur.


Get ready to embark on a journey to the enchanting city of Nemea, a must-visit destination steeped in history and renowned for its renowned Panhellenic Games. Our luxurious vehicles and experienced tour driver will take you on a leisurely drive through the picturesque Peloponnese, while you sit back and soak in the lovely scenery.

As you make your way to the acclaimed wineries, our knowledgeable driver will offer insights on the region’s reputation as a premier wine-producing area. Immerse yourself in the art of winemaking at the top-rated wineries, as we head towards Nemea, the captivating capital of the southern Greek wine region nestled on the stunning Peloponnese peninsula.

Experience the rich traditions and unique offerings of esteemed wineries, steeped in the legacy of generations. Immerse yourself in history as you discover the ancient Nemea archaeological site and the famed Nemea stadium, once home to the prestigious third-ranked ancient games. Follow the winding wine roads, amidst breathtaking vineyards, and make a stop at the highly-regarded Palivou estate, whose exceptional labels consistently earn top honors.

wine tasting in greeceGrape variety

Experience the art of winemaking and savor the exceptional wines from specific wine-growing appellations, where you’ll find some of the most coveted Agiorgitiko and Cabernet Sauvignons. Take a tour of a winery and gain a deeper understanding of the intricate process behind creating a flawless sparkling wine.

Engage with the knowledgeable winery staff and discover how the color, texture, taste, and aroma of a wine are carefully crafted, whether it’s the crisp acidity of a steel-fermented chardonnay or the smooth, velvety finish of a classic Agiorgitiko.

Immerse yourself in a world of world-class wines, exquisite dining, rich cultural attractions, and breathtaking landscapes, all of which combine to make Nemea a true slice of heaven on earth.

At Athens Shore Excursions, we understand that choosing the perfect shore excursion can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer a variety of options that are sure to please cruise passengers, small groups, and even couples seeking a romantic escapade. As a local or a short-term visitor to Athens, we highly recommend taking full advantage of these excursions for a truly authentic taste of Greece.

  • Location: The vineyards are cultivated at an altitude of 250-800m to the SE of Corinth.
  • Climate: Mild winters with a lot of rainfall and hot during summer.
  • Grape variety: Agiorgitiko
  • Wines: Red, Dry

We’ll return to Piraeus taking the highway and one of the best wine tours in Greece ends!

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