Triumphantly Delphi in 8-H Brilliant Private Shore Excursion

Visit Delphi with a private shore excursion from Piraeus (Athens Cruise Port)

Itinerary: Athens – Levadia – Arachova- Delphi- Athens

Experience the wonder of Greece all year round with this full-day private tour. Undeniably one of the most renowned tours, it is a must-visit for any traveler. Delphi, with its awe-inspiring ruins set amidst majestic mountain vistas, is undoubtedly the most stunning ancient site in all of Greece. The ancient Greeks believed it to be the literal center of the world, as per the legend of Zeus releasing two eagles from opposite sides of the earth, who met and impaled each other with their beaks in the skies above Delphi before falling to the ground on its sacred Omphalos, or “navel stone.”

After Apollo vanquished the serpent Python, son of Mother Earth and protector of Delphi’s sacred Castalian Spring, he declared it the site for his oracle. He promised to offer guidance to anyone who sought it. Delphi, located at the center of the world and blessed by Apollo himself, was considered the most sacred place for the ancient Greeks. Its ruins span from ancient Mycenean times to the early Christian era and are a highlight of any trip to Greece. The site is easily accessible for a day trip, just a scenic 2.5-hour drive or minibus ride northwest of Piraeus Athens.

Embark on a journey to Delphi (Delfi) from Athens Piraeus in a luxurious vehicle that caters to the specific size of your group. Relax in comfort and feel secure as you make your way through central Greece, passing through picturesque towns like Levadia and Arachova before reaching the renowned site of Delphi. Known as one of Greece’s most significant archaeological sites, Delphi holds a special allure for all travelers who are intrigued by its ancient oracle, which held sway in the affairs of the known world for centuries.

Highlights of Triumphantly Delphi in 8-H Brilliant Private Shore Excursion

  • Drive through the picturesque landscape of Central Greece
  • A visit to Arachova, a famous ski resort
  • A typical Greek lunch with traditional food you will love
  • The archaeological site of Delphi, the Museum and the Temple of Apollo

Tour description of Delphi shore excursion

arachova greece
View on the downtown street in Arachova, Greece

Your exclusive excursion to Delphi begins at the Piraeus cruise port in Athens, bright and early at 8:00am. Our experienced driver will personally collect you from your cruise ship and lead you through stunning countryside.

Along the way, you’ll journey through Levadia, a renowned and powerful city in Central Greece, as well as Thebes, a significant ancient city-state.

After just a short two and a half hour drive, you’ll reach the charming village of Arachova nestled at the base of Mt Parnassus. This tiny, picturesque mountain town has gained renown as a popular winter destination, particularly for skiers, and for its exceptional handmade carpets and kilims. But Arachova offers more than just snow and textiles – indulge in mouthwatering local cuisine and a selection of cheeses you won’t find anywhere else in Greece.


delphi greece, temple of apollon
Temple of Apollo, Delphi

After a short stop in Arachova, the private full-day shore trip will continue towards Delphi, which is located just 8km away. Delphi is known due to the Oracle that dates from the Mycenaean period, although its fame grew bigger around the early 6th century BC.

The Oracle of Delphi gained significant political and religious importance and became extremely rich. The richness and the importance of the place are evident even today.

During the private 8 hours tour, you will be visiting the archaeological site of Delphi which is one of the most impressive sites you will ever visit in your life. You can visit the Oracle, the navel of the Earth called omphalos in Greek, and of course, the Museum of Delphi that houses some impressive treasures of antiquity.

charioteer statue in delphi greece
Charioteer at the Museum of Delphi

As you wander through the museum at Delphi, you’ll come face to face with fascinating exhibits such as the statues of the Twin brothers, the Sphynx from Naxos, and the magnificent bronze Charioteer known as Eniochos.

Once you’ve explored the museum, you’ll continue your journey to marvel at the Athenian treasury and the iconic Temple of Apollo. After taking a break to enjoy a delicious meal in either Delphi or Arachova, the private full-day tour will guide you back to Athens along the same scenic route.

Important Notes: As this excursion involves 1-2 hours of extensive walking, it is not recommended for guests with walking difficulties. It is recommended that guests dress in casual clothing, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen, as well as wear flat, comfortable, rubber-soled shoes.  The order of sites visited may vary.

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