Why book a shore excursion with us?

Experts in Private Shore Excursions

We specialize in private shore excursions. We believe in A Fair Go for All. Perhaps that’s why thousands of cruise passengers who have already chosen us are the most satisfied shore excursion customers visiting Athens. Many organizations include tours as one of their areas of expertise, for us it is everything that we do. If it doesn’t count as private tour then we won’t get involved.


Our mission is to satisfy the demand of visiting major attractions, which are not accessible by larger vehicles while using the creativity of private tours.

Our Personnel Are Trusted Advisors

“Athens Shore Excursion” drivers and guides are committed to understanding your individual needs as a customer as well as taking the time to suggest basic coverage that is right for you during your private shore excursion. They can also proactively suggest private tour options and routes based on their knowledge of your individual circumstances.

“Athens Shore Excursion” Advocate for You, the Customer

“Athens Shore Excursion” personnel are strongly committed to customer service. As our agency owners, it’s in our best interest to keep them satisfied and retain you as a customer. That’s not always the case with direct tour companies, where customers typically are handled by employees who may be more focused on the company’s interests instead.

Booking tools

We believe in investing in our “booking engines of the trade”. Our company has made some significant investments in the most advanced booking engines that enable us to offer you easy, secure and fast booking process, receiving all documents and instructions online.

Constantly Evolving

Our dedicated staff is constantly researching new and upcoming ideas, listening to you, designing new tours and helping us which enable our services to run more efficiently. Some of our best private shore excursions have been developed with the help of our clients.

Established Business

We have been successfully operating since 1999 and have survived the best and the worst of the economy. To date, we have grown to be a market leading private tour company with some very exciting projections for the years ahead.

Honesty and Integrity

The cornerstone of our success is the business honesty and integrity in which we work with clients and partners. We believe that our transparency with our clients is what sets us apart from our competition. All online net and clear.

If you are looking for a trusted tour company, if you want to make the most of your trip and your standards are similar to ours we would really like to offer our services to you. As simply as you are enjoying your coffee on your sofa, request a free quote and you are all set with complete ease and hassle free booking receiving all documents on line!

Choose your perfect tour

Whether you choose one of our award-winning shore excursions or create a bespoke experience,
we create the best memories of Greece for you & your family or friends.

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