Explosive wine tour of Nemea & Nafplion 8-h shore excursion

Enjoy a wine tour to Nemea and Nafplion joining our cruise tours from Piraeus (Athens) port

If you love gastronomy and wine, do not miss the thrilling experience of a fascinating wine shore excursion from Athens Cruise Port (Piraeus) to Corinth canal, Nemea, and Nafplion.

This private shore excursion is organized with the tourist in mind; all participants are given the chance to discover the wealth of tastes and flavors that exist in Greece. After all, Greece is one of the main wine producers in Europe, with several wines being awarded in festivals all over the world.

The wine tour includes a visit to important wineries, wine tasting, and lunches in typical local taverns and restaurants catering to local flavors.

Itinerary of the Explosive wine tour of Nemea & Nafplion 8-h shore excursion

Athens – Corinth Canal – Nemea – Nafplion – Athens

Highlights of the full-day 8 hours wine shore excursion from Athens

  • 8 hours private shore trip from Piraeus cruise port
  • A visit to Corinth Canal
  • Visit Ancient Nemea and its wine roads in the Peloponnese peninsula
  • Discover the picturesque town of Nafplion
  • Savor the local wines and tastes
  • Professional English speaking tour driver

Description of the private wine shore excursion in Nemea

corinth canal
Corinth Canal – Isthmus

Our full-day wine shore excursion starts early in the morning from Athens; the experienced driver will take you from the coastal road that drives along the Saronic Gulf towards Corinth.

After an hours’ drive, you will be reaching the Corinth Canal, where you can admire the splendid views to the Sea and take some amazing pictures.

temple of zeus in nemea greece
Temple of Zeus in Nemea, Peloponnese

After a shortstop, the tour will take you to Nemea, where some awarded Greek wines are produced. In Nemea, you will visit the archaeological site of Ancient Nemea and the Stadium of Nemea.

Nemea was very much known in ancient times because of the Panhellenic Games organized in the Temple of Zeus, featuring contests in music, drama, horse riding, and gymnastics.

The Games of Nemea

Ancient Greeks celebrated athletic religious holidays, organized like the Delphic Games. The other known games of the time were the Isthmia and the famous to date Olympic games, which formed the circle of the holy Panhellenic Games.

In each of these four sites, alternating each year and for some time, a sacred truce was announced, preventing every war and every warfare, and all the Greeks, declared their presence, recognizing their common human nature and origin.

Games held both athletic and equestrian events. Subsequently, musical games were added. The events were Stadium (178 meters), Diavlos (355 meters), Hippios (710 meters), Horsegram (3,600 meters), Hoplite road (3,600 meters), Pangratio,  boxing, wrestling, and pentathlon.

Vineyards in Nemea
Vineyards in Nemea

Today, Nemea is also known as one of the most important wine-producing regions in Greece. The production of red wine from Nemea is truly famous. Therefore, the private wine tour will take you not only to the archaeological site of the region that is nice to see but also to the winery that will truly amaze you.

Greek wines from the area of Nemea

Nemea lies at an altitude of 250 to 800 meters and the most predominant variety cultivated here is the red Agiorgitiko.

It is one of the most tasteful varieties and provides the opportunity to create a wide range of wines: some of the most known ones are the V.Q.P.R.D. Nemea wines, along with a rosé, and some full-flavored aged red wines.

Some of the other known varieties produced in the Nemea Wineries are Plagion, Argous, Pterotou, Peloponnesian, Corinthian, Plagion of Mountainous Corinthia, Klimenti, and Iliou. These are red wines that are mostly known due to their strong aroma and fruity flavor.

Nafplion and the Isle of Mpourtzi
Nafplion and the Isle of Mpourtzi

After the visit to the winery and the wine tasting, we will be driving towards Nafplion, the picturesque town in Argolis that was the first capital city of Greece.

Nafplion is a wonderful small town, known for its narrow cobblestone streets with the numerous little shops that provide you with either local food and wine products or with amazing hand made objects and artifacts.

Nafplion is also known due to its Fortress, the imposing Palamidi, which stands above the city. You can reach the fortress by car, or if you are up to some adventure you can climb the 999 stairs that lead to it! And when you are up there, you can admire the breathtaking views of the entire bay and the city of  Nafplion and Argos.

The 8-hour full-day tour will be completed with a return to Athens late in the evening.

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