Awesome Small Group Semi-Private Athens Shore Excursion 8-h

Experience Athens to the fullest with the company of a small, intimate group. Indulge in a semi-private shore excursion from the Piraeus cruise port with a licensed English-speaking guide. We understand your wanderlust – it’s our own too. That’s why our business is centered around your unique interests, needs, and cravings. Our team of destination experts curate truly immersive adventures with you – our fellow traveler – in mind. We wouldn’t entrust your journey to anyone else. Leave the logistics to our friendly team.

Our Tour Experts can best be described as a combination of a tour guide, a concierge, and a friend – a statement that we proudly stand by. When you choose to go on a guided tour with one of our knowledgeable Tour Guide, you’ll have the privilege of having a highly experienced professional (many of whom have been with us for more than two decades) right by your side at all times.

These enthusiastic travelers utilize their own diverse backgrounds to take your journey to the next level, and you can always count on them for a dose of historical tidbits, recommendations for the best restaurants, or even an enjoyable joke. They are devoted to providing incredible service. Allow us to introduce you to our incredible tour experts and the destinations that hold a special place in their hearts!

For small groups

Awesome Small Group Semi-Private  Athens Shore Excursion 8-h
Awesome Small Group Semi-Private Athens Shore Excursion 8-h

Is your cruise ship docking at Piraeus port in Athens? Then you’ve come to the perfect place for you! Athens Shore Excursion offers a unique semi-private tour, led by a licensed tour guide who speaks fluent English. You will travel in comfort and style in a luxurious Mercedes minibus with air conditioning.

This intimate shore excursion allows you to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of Athens, including its nature, history, culture, myths, geology, and beauty. For those seeking a top-notch travel experience, capturing the essence and spirit of the “Golden Age of Athens” is an unforgettable opportunity.


Highlights of Awesome Small Group Semi-Private Athens Shore Excursion 8-h

  • Eight-hour semi-private guided small group tour in Athens
  • English-speaking tour guide with an official license by the state
  • Your tour starts from your cruise ship, pier and drops you at the same place again
  • Visit the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the New Acropolis museum
  • Walk in the picturesque neighborhood of Plaka

Description of the guided shore excursion in Athens

parthenon in athensOnce you arrive at Piraeus cruise port, your enthusiastic guide will warmly greet you and signal their presence with a sign. As you embark on your tour of Piraeus, your knowledgeable guide will lead you to all the fascinating sites and museums, providing detailed commentary along the way. They are fluent in English, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience.

During the semi-private tour, you will stop and visit:

Step into the exclusive world of our semi-private tour and prepare to be dazzled as we take you on a journey through ancient Greece. The magnificent Acropolis, the iconic Parthenon, the grand Propylaea, the Temple of Athena Nike, the mesmerizing Erechtheion, the graceful Caryatids, and the majestic Herodion theater await you.

But that’s not all – the ruins of the Theater of Dionysus and Areopagus, known as the Mars Hill, will also be part of our itinerary. And as we move on to our next stop, you’ll get a chance to capture the stunning Temple of Olympian Zeus and the historic Panathenaic Stadium, where the first modern Olympic Games were held in 1896, through your lens. Get ready for a unique experience filled with unforgettable moments and breathtaking sights.

Change of the guards, Athens
Change of the guards, Athens

During our tour, we’ll have the opportunity to explore some of the most iconic landmarks in Athens. Our itinerary includes a visit to the breathtaking Lycabettus Hill, the historic Old Palace, and the prestigious Academy and National Library.

We’ll also have the chance to witness the impressive Changing of the Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Hellenic Parliament. And no trip to Athens would be complete without a stop at the ancient Greek Agora, the hub of ancient Greek society where sport, politics, and spirituality collided.

athens acropolis museumPlaka

Welcome to the charming streets of Plaka! Prepare to be delighted by the sights and sounds of this picturesque neighborhood. Next, treat yourself to a delectable taste of authentic Greek cuisine during our free time.

Later, we will continue our journey with a visit to the renowned Acropolis Museum. This remarkable museum is a must-see in the city, offering a unique experience that you will remember for years to come.”

* On Mondays and during winter time our visit to The New Acropolis Museum is replaced by a visit to the National Archaeological Museum, the largest archaeological museum in Greece and one of the most important museums in the world devoted to ancient Greek art.


  • Tours Available from  May 1 to October 30
  • November to April: upon request
  • Small groups – Book on time

Price: 90.00€ per person

Deposit: 40€ per person

Participants: Minimum 6 and maximum of 16 people, and in case of not the minimum participation we will inform you 15 days prior to the tour.

Meeting: Pick up & drop off from your ship dock as per the voucher’s instructions, and the indicated time on the voucher. The maximum waiting time will be twenty (20) minutes. If you miss the minibus please contact the emergency numbers so as to give you directions on how you will meet the group in the city center. You will have to pay the transportation expenses on your own to the city center of Athens.

Excluded in the Tour

  • Entrance fees per person
  • Children under the age of eighteen (18) do not pay entrance fees.
  • Lunch in Plaka is optional

Shared Semi-Private Tours Cancellation Policy

  • Shared tour bookings canceled up to 15 days prior to the agreed date and time receive a full refund.
  • 100% cancellation fees apply for any tour bookings canceled within the last 15 days prior to the arrival date.
  • Of course, if for any unforeseen reason, the ship does not dock at the port, then there will be a full refund.

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