Fascinating 8-hour Jewish private shore excursion in Athens

Jewish communities in Greece were among the most significant Jewish populations in Europe. It is no wonder that Athens private Jewish shore excursions have become increasingly popular over the past few years, as people recognize how important their contribution to this country has been.

Athens is giving preference to this heritage by preserving all such elements which show the Jewish culture and heritage from the ancient times. Many people are coming from different countries just to find out about their roots descended from Greece.

This is an intriguing 8-hour full-day Jewish shore excursion in Athens and is a perfect way to see the city beyond the beaten path, visiting some of the most important Jewish sites in Europe. It is a full-day private shore excursion combining the best parts of the city of Athens along with the Jewish monuments and Synagogues.

Highlights of the Fascinating 8-hour Jewish private shore excursion in Athens

  • The Jewish Museum in Athens
  • The Jewish Synagogues in the city
  • The Lycabettus hill of Athens
  • The Acropolis
  • A professional English speaking tour driver

Description of the private Jewish tour in Athens

jewish synagogue in athens
Jewish Synagogue in Athens

According to which your cruise terminal, the city tour begins early in the morning. In the heart of Athens, you will be taken by a private driver who will drive you to two synagogues that are found within the city: one is more than 100 years old and is not used, where others like The New Synagogue are still functional as they were built in 1935 and have been renovated since 1970s.

Built in classical style with marble decorations of highest quality, modern synagogue of Athens deserves special attention.

Apart from this, there is possibility for guests to visit Holocaust Memorial and ancient cemetery originating back from BC VIII century.

N.B.: Free entrance to both synagogues is provided though donations are appreciated.

jewish museum in athens
Jewish Museum in Athens

Your private Jewish tour in Athens will proceed to Plaka, the historical neighborhood of Athens built at the feet of the Acropolis.

This will give you a decent amount of time to have a stroll, to wander around its nice little streets where you will see hundreds of shops and dozens of tavernas and you will also have a visit to the Jewish Museum of Greece, one of the finest in Europe. Located in the heart of Plaka in Athens, visitors will find some truly intriguing and fascinating historical items and memorabilia.

plaka athens
Plaka, Athens

Athens Center

After the Museum you will have your lunch ,sold in the area below the Museum and where you will to taste on the typical Greek dishes you will love.

What a better chance to indulge in the great products you just saw then a visit but you will also have the chance to visit the central market of Athens , the fish and meat market. It is how we call it in Greece .

Your private vehicle will pass by it and you will have enough time to stop and see it up close and personal if you wish so. It is a very “greek” experience you should have if possible.

Fa, scinating 8-hour Jewish private shore excursion in AthensChange of the guards, Athens
Fascina, ting 8-hour Jewish private shore excursion in AthensChange of the Guards, Athens

Following your lunch, the exclusive tour will seamlessly flow into the next part, leading you to Syntagma square – the bustling heart of Athens.

Here, you’ll get an up-close look at the Parliament, National Gardens, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and experience the impressive Change of the Guards ceremony.

Then Acropolis Of Athens

Prepare for an unforgettable afternoon on our exclusive tour, commencing right after indulging in a delectable lunch. We’ll kick things off at Syntagma Square, the pulsing core of Athens. Here, you’ll bear witness to iconic landmarks such as the Parliament building, the serene National Gardens, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and the renowned Change of the Guards ceremony.

As we continue our adventure, you’ll be astonished by the grandeur of the Acropolis – a true embodiment of Athens’ glorious past. Marvel at the Erechteion temple and its iconic Caryatids Maidens, be awestruck by the temple of Athena Nike, and soak in the magnificence of the Parthenon. And as the sun sets on our full-day tour, we’ll make our way to Lycabettus hill, where a breathtaking panoramic view of the city awaits us. This is your chance to truly immerse yourself in the essence of Athens, on our private tour guided by a local. Don’t miss out on this remarkable experience!

The tour will then conclude with a breezy drive back to your cruise ship pier. Expect the entire experience to last approximately eight hours.

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