Corinth Canal and Corinth 4 hours Heartwarming Private Tour

Join us on an immersive private tour of Greece, as we explore the captivating Corinth Canal and Ancient Corinth in just half a day. Experience the charm of one of Athens’ neighboring cities and be awe-inspired by the breathtaking vistas along the Corinth Canal. With this exclusive 4-hour shore excursion, you will witness one of Greece’s most extraordinary landmarks, combining stunning natural scenery with rich ties to both Christianity and ancient culture.

Itinerary of our Corinth Canal and Corinth 4 hours Heartwarming Private Tour

Athens – Corinth Canal – Ancient Corinth – the Temple of Apollo – Acrocorinth – Archaeological site & Museum of Corinth

Highlights of Corinth Canal and Corinth 4 hours Heartwarming Private Tour

  • A 4 hours private tour to Corinth with a professional English-speaking tour driver
  • The sites where St Paul preached the word of God in South Greece
  • The Fortress of Acrocorinth and Ancient Corinth
  • The famous Corinth Canal

Description of the half-day shore excursion to Corinth Canal and Ancient Corinth

Corinth Canal and Corinth 4 hours Heartwarming Private Tour
Corinth Canal and Corinth 4 hours Heartwarming Private Tour

The Corinth canal

As the sun rises over Athens, embark on a captivating half-day adventure to the historic city of Corinth. Departing from your cruise ship pier, your personal driver will be eagerly waiting with a sign displaying your name. Along the picturesque coastal road, your expert guide will transport you to the renowned Corinth Canal and Corinth, a journey that typically takes just an hour.

Prepare to be swept away by the breathtaking Isthmus, a vital and revered site in both Greek and Mediterranean history, connecting the mainland with the Peloponnese Peninsula.

At a mere 6.5 kilometers wide, the Isthmus boasts an impressive feat of engineering in the form of the Corinth Canal. It’s a perfect spot to capture stunning photos of the jaw-dropping surroundings before moving on to the historic marvel of Ancient Corinth.

Ruins of Ancient Temple in Corinth
Ruins of Ancient Temple in Corinth


The city-state of Ancient Corinth held great importance during ancient times. Dominating the landscape was the formidable fortress of Acrocorinth, strategically positioned to control the flow of ships trading goods between Italy and Greece.

Journeying on our exclusive private shore excursion to Corinth, you will delve into the heart of this ancient city where renowned philosophers, artists, and religious figure Paul once resided and spread the teachings of the burgeoning new religion.

In ancient Greece, there was no port more significant than Ancient Corinth. This thriving city was not only a bustling trade hub, but also the wealthiest in all of Greece. It was here that Themistocles, a renowned Athenian general and politician, constructed the formidable trireme ship. This impressive vessel played a pivotal role in the historic battle of Salamis Island against the Persians.

Acrocorinth Fortress Greece
Acrocorinth Fortress

Archaeological site & Museum

At the archaeological site and museum of Corinth, witness the remarkable development of sculpture and the renowned pottery-making of Greece. Immerse yourself in the important artifacts on display and be amazed by the breathtaking sculptures.

Delve further into the history of Corinth by exploring the ancient city, where you can marvel at the formidable Acrocorinth fortress that once safeguarded the city and made it an impenetrable stronghold. This well-preserved stronghold is a testament to the ingenuity and strength of this ancient civilization.

During this private shore excursion, you’ll have the opportunity to capture breathtaking photos of the sea, land, and harbor of Corinth. The city’s new marina and bustling harbor, filled with boats of all sizes, are just waiting to be captured on camera.

Your driver will then return you to the Piraeus cruise port in Athens, bringing an end to this fantastic adventure. Don’t forget to take some time to savor a delicious lunch before heading off to your next destination.

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