The best of Athens with the Acropolis 4-hour shore excursion

The best of Athens with the Acropolis 4-hour shore excursion; Calling all cruise passengers visiting Athens (Piraeus) for a few hours or a full day – this experience is designed just for you! Embark on an exclusive sightseeing experience in Athens with our tailor-made shore excursions. Designed to cater to individual travelers or cruise ships docking at major ports, we offer the luxury of a private tour.

Whether you have limited time and wish to cover the must-see attractions or have a specific itinerary in mind, our trips are flexible for groups of 2, 6, or more. Our prompt service includes pick-up and drop-off at your cruise ship pier, ensuring you never miss your sailing. Travel in comfort and safety with our reliable vehicles. And if our listed options don’t quite fit your desires, don’t hesitate to let us know. Our team is well-versed in crafting unique and memorable itineraries.

Highlights of The best of Athens with the Acropolis 4-hour shore excursion

  • 4-hours morning sightseeing private tour of Athens
  • Combines Athens’ modern and classical sites guided by our experts
  • Explore the wonders of the Acropolis, the trademark of Athens
  • Highlights of modern Athens, including neighborhoods, Plaka, Constitution Square, Panathenian Stadium, Kolonaki-the high end of Athens, Lycabettus-the highest hill of Athens
  • Professional English-speaking tour driver
  • Pickup and drop off at your cruise ship pier in Piraeus

Sightseeing: The Acropolis – the Parthenon – Erechthion – Temple of Athens Niki – Plaka – Ancient Agora – Roman Agora – Hadrian’s library – Monastiraki – Temple of Vulcan – Temple of Zeus – Hadrian’s Arch – the Parliament – the monument of the Unknown Soldier – Panathenian Stadium – ex-royal house – Kolonaki – Lycabettus Hill

Visits: The Acropolis – the Parthenon – Erechthion – Temple of Athens Niki – Plaka – Temple of Zeus – Hadrian’s Arch – the Parliament – the monument of the Unknown Soldier – Panathenian Stadium – Lycabettus Hill

Description of the best of Athens city with the Acropolis, half-day

parthenon in athens
Parthenon of Athens

Experience the convenience and comfort of a modern vehicle as you embark from Piraeus Port. With options for groups of 4, 10, or 17, you’ll be whisked away on a picturesque 20-minute drive through the scenic suburbs of Athens.

As you arrive at the iconic Acropolis, prepare to be in awe of the architectural marvels from the Golden Age of Greece.

Explore the top of the famous hill and marvel at the Propylaea, Erechtheum, Temple of Wingless Victory, and the grand Parthenon, the ultimate highlight of Athens.

temple of zeus in athens
Temple of Zeus

Step back in time with us on our upcoming adventure to the illustrious Temple of Olympian Zeus. This Corinthian-style marvel, built in the 3rd century BC, is the largest temple in all of ancient Greece. As we explore, we’ll also encounter Hadrian’s Arch, a monumental symbol representing the divide between the old and new parts of town during the Roman era.

Our exclusive shore excursion will take us to see the breathtaking sights of the National Gardens, National Library, Parliament Building, ex-Royal Palace, Plaka, Roman Agora, and Monastiraki – including the remarkable Temple of Vulcan.

panathenan stadium in athens
Panathenan Stadium in Athens

Join us on our half-day private shore excursion as we continue our journey through history. Along the way, you will have the chance to capture photos of the ex-royal house and the ancient Olympic Stadium. Built in 1894, this stadium played host to the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.

As you stand among the Pentelic marble, reminiscent of the Parthenon, you will be transported back to the 4th century B.C. when the original stadium stood in its place. Today, the Panathinean stadium is reserved for special events such as the finish of the yearly marathon and archery competitions. Its grandeur was also showcased in the 2004 Olympics.

Lycabettus Hill in Athens
Lycabettus Hill in Athens

As your unforgettable private shore excursion through Athens draws to a close, your expert tour driver will take you on a breathtaking journey up to Lycabettus. Gaze in awe at the stunning cityscape of Athens spread out before you, a perfect finale to your time in this remarkable city.

Then, with memories to last a lifetime, your return transfer to the Piraeus cruise ship pier marks the end of your exclusive shore excursion. Take with you the very essence of Athens, captured in this incredible experience.

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