Gorgeous Delphi & Stunning Lucas Monastery 8-H Private Tour

This 8 hours private day tour to Delphi and St Lucas Monastery combines a visit to the unique archaeological site of Delphi, with one of the most important monasteries in Greece, the St (Ossios) Lucas Byzantine Monastery in Central Greece.

Itinerary of the full-day private tour to Delphi and St Lucas Monastery

Athens – Levadia – Arachova – Delphi – Osios Lucas monastery

Highlights of the Gorgeous Delphi & Stunning Lucas Monastery 8-H Private Tour

  • The archaeological site of Delphi and the Oracle of God Apollo
  • A short stop at Arachova, the picturesque winter tourist destination
  • The Byzantine monastery of Ossios Lucas (Blessed Lucas)
  • A drive in the countryside of Central Greece
  • Lunch at a traditional tavern overlooking the bay of Itea

Description of the private tour to Delphi and St Lucas Monastery

monastery of st luke
Inside the Monastery of Ossios Lucas

This full-day private shore excursion starts early in the morning from Piraeus cruise port of Athens, with a direction towards Central Greece. You will enjoy lush greenery and a typical Greek – Mediterranean landscape on route. Pass by Levadia and soon afterward you will arrive at the Monastery of Ossios Lucas, which is perhaps the most important monument of the Middle Byzantine period in Greece.

During the ten centuries since its inception, it played a leading role in the historic adventures of the place, winning the favor of emperors and officials during the Byzantine period.

During the Frankish occupation, it came under the occupation of the Order of Catholic monks and saw the destructive fury of the conquerors, both Catalans, and Turks. In the war of 1821 against the Turkish army, the monastery was the base of Greek warriors.

delphi greece, temple of apollon


After a short visit at the Monastery of St Lucas, the tour will continue towards Delphi, the outstanding archaeological site of Delphi, which used to be the center of attention of the entire known world in antiquity.

The famous Oracle of God Apollo impresses the visitors even today; during our full-day private tour, you will have the chance to visit the actual site of the Oracle and the Museum of Delphi that houses the bronze Charioteer and the Sphinx of Naxos and a number of significant and well-preserved monuments.

arachova greece
Down town street in Arachova, Greece

After the visit to the archaeological site, you will enjoy lunch in the little village of Delphi, enjoying a magnificent panoramic view of Itea bay.

After lunch, we will drive through Arachova, which is a picturesque mountainous village, built on the south slopes of Parnassus. It is renowned for its tasteful food and sweets, as well as for the handmade carpets and artifacts.

You will be returning to Athens, following the same route back. The trip lasts almost 8 hours.

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