8-h Corinth, Greatness Saint Patapios Monastery Private Tour

This Christian shore excursion To Corinth, Saint Patapios Monastery, and Vouliagmeni Lake is specially designed for those who want to experience religion and history! Follow the footsteps of Saint Paul and experience his influence to future generations!

Highlights Of the 8-h Corinth, Greatness Saint Patapios Monastery Private Tour

  • The famous Corinth Canal
  • The ancient agora in Corinth
  • The house of Aquila and Priscilla
  • The St. Patapios monastery
  • The Vouliagmeni lake at Heraion
  • Pick up and drop off at your cruise ship pier

You’ll Visit: Corinth canal – Ancient Corinth – the ancient Corinth agora – the temple of Apollo – Saint Patapios monastery – Mycenaean – Vouliagmeni lake (Heraion)

Description of the Christian Tour To Corinth, Saint Patapios monastery and Vouliagmeni lake

corinth canal
Corinth Canal

Start early in the morning your private shore excursion. We’ll pick you up from the cruise ship pier drive along the coastal road of the Saronic gulf till we reach the famous Corinth canal. Shortstop for pictures and you will continue your drive to ancient Corinth.

Ancient Corinth and Apostle Paul;

Protector and Apostle of this Apostle of the Nations of Paul, and Founder of the Corinthian Church!

Who was the Apostle of the nations and of Corinth? Here’s a little tribute!

The moving Anthem of the Apostle Paul’s Love is one of the most beautiful texts of Christianity and is part of his famous First Letter to the Corinthians.
“Love is long-lasting, it is beneficial and beneficial, love does not envy, love does not lie (= does not boast), it is not proud, it does not hurt, it does not seek its own interest, it does not irritate, it does not think evil of others. , he does not rejoice when he sees injustice, but he congratulates when truth prevails. He tolerates everything, believes all, hopes all, endures all. Love never fails. ”


The Apostle Paul conveyed the faith of Jesus to the ancient city of Corinth in the most emphatic way, with a text that is still inspiring and moving. According to the tradition of our church, Paul addressed the Corinthians from the Corinthian Ancient Ages Step, where the officials were stationed to be heard by the citizens. The Church of Corinth was founded by the Apostle Paul around 51-52 AD. He was visited by others such as the Apostles Peter, Andrew, and associates and associates of Apostle Paul. Apostle Paul wrote his First and Second Epistles to the Corinthians. In the First Letter (Chapter 13) there is the famous Hymn of Love. From Corinth, the Apostle sent a Greek Letter to the Roman Letter. Apostle Paul remained to teach in Corinth for a year and six months where nowhere else had Paul been so long apart from his imprisonment in Rome.

Ancient Corinth, Greece
Ancient Corinth, Greece

Shortly thereafter we’ll reach the ancient town of Corinth, one of the most important city states in antiquity, famous for its “wicked ways”.

The timeless quality of Ancient Corinth

The archaeological site of Ancient Corinth is located at the northern foot of the Acrocorinth hill, around the archaic Temple of Apollo. Extensive excavations have brought to light the city’s Roman Agora, temples, fountains, galleries, bathing facilities, and a variety of other monuments. The excavations extended to the Acrocorinth fortress to the south of the organized archaeological site, to prehistoric settlements in the Corinthian plain to the north such as the hill of the prehistoric settlement of Korakos, Saint Gerasimos, Gonia, and Gouriza. To the south of the organized archaeological site came the Theater, the Roman Conservatory, the sanctuary of Asclepius and Health (Asclepius), cemeteries, ceramics laboratories (Kerameikos), walls, as well as a variety of other buildings such as the Frankish Quarter and the important District and Ottoman monumentsMore…

Saint Patapios Monastery
Saint Patapios Monastery

The Holy Monastery of Saint Patapios…

… in the Gerania Mountains is 14 km from Loutraki. The monastery was built on a slope of a peak of 650 meters around a small cave that was originally used as a hermitage and then with the care of clergy and laypeople took the form of a wagon. In the cave and its western pits, the generous relic of Hosios Patapios was found intact and full.

Saint Patapios (380-450 AD) was born in Egypt to pious Christian parents. Information about his life is given by Symeon the Translator and the hymnologist Saint Andreas of Crete.

With the completion of his circular education, he followed other hermits into the wilderness, experiencing purity, obedience, and indulgence while at the same time gaining the reputation of a wise old man, attracting crowds of monks and monks. In order to continue his ascetic life, he was forced to leave for Constantinople and settle in Vlachernes in the Gulf of Kerat. Due to his virtue, several monks gathered around him and formed the monastery of the Egyptian Monastery, which became famous because of the miracles of Hosios Patapios. By the end of his heyday, the honest scene remained untouched in time and probably moved to Constantinople. The identity of the remains was witnessed by a leather film bearing the name of Hosios Patapios.

The monastery

After the Conquest of Constantinople, pious monks carried the sacred relic and placed it in the Geranien arena and established the arena where they were hiding from the fear of the Turks. In August 1952 the first nun was established and the monastery began to function informally. Since then, the monastery has functioned as a cathedral monastery and spreads around the cave-temple where the holy relic is kept.

The many and verified wonders of Hosios Patapios, as well as its unique location, make it possible for many pilgrims to seek refuge in the Holy Monastery of Hosios Patapios in order to worship his honorable relic and experience, at least for a while, the fruit of their spiritual fellowship nuns.

Hraion Voukiagmeni Lake
Hraion Vouliagmeni Lake

The lake of Vouliagmeni or Heraion, a few kilometers after Loutraki of Corinth, is an ideal choice for a day trip.

Heraion combines antiquities and unparalleled Mediterranean nature. The lake (which is not exactly a lake because it joins the sea through a small canal) is less than an hour from Corinth, passing from the thermal baths of Loutraki.

Surrounded by natural pine forests and considered one of the most beautiful in Greece, an unexpected paradise landscape with a serene atmosphere and natural beauty. To distinguish it from the corresponding lake of Vouliagmeni of the capital (Athens), it is supplemented by the designation Loutraki-Perachora.

Along the coastal road of the lake, there are several cafes and taverns where you can enjoy a refreshment or lunch (optional).

After late lunch, we’ll drive you back to your cruise ship pier ending this most interesting private Christian shore excursion following the same way.

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